Federal prison camp in beaumont texas

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Federal Prison Info Beaumont USP Camp. Info and population history for Beaumont USP Camp.Federal Bureau of Prisons, Email: Work Phone: Fax: Inmate Gender: SATELLITE CAMP, For inmates at the FSL: INMATE NAME& REGISTER NUMBER FEDERAL SATELLITE LOW, All funds sent through the mail must be addressed to a processing center in Des Moines, Iowa. This applies to all Federal inmates, regardless of where they are incarcerated. federal prison camp in beaumont texas

BEAUMONT USP. DESCRIPTION USP Beaumont is a highsecurity federal prison in Texas. It is located on a Federal Correctional Complex, with several other federal prisons. The adjacent minimumsecurity federal prison camp holds many white collar offenders and people who do not have a history of violence or escape.

1 facilities found matching search query FCC BEAUMONT FCC Beaumont. A federal correctional complex comprised of multiple facilities and located in beaumont, TX. Federal Correctional Institutions (FCI), are classified as both medium and lowsecurity facilities. The lowest security facilities, Prison Camps (FPC and SCP), allow for freedom of movement on the entire prison grounds outside of the security walls and razor wire. Prison Camp inmates handle much of the maintenance and upkeep of the complex.federal prison camp in beaumont texas Federal Correctional Institution Beaumont Medium is a federal prison located in Beaumont, Texas. Learn more about this prison such as its background, population, security levels, health services, commissary, visitation, directions to the prison and more.

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Beaumont Federal Correctional Complex Topics, Discussions and Information relating to the Federal Prisons in Beaumont, Texas. Including FPC Beaumont, FCI Beaumont Low, FCI Beaumont Medium, and USP Beaumont. federal prison camp in beaumont texas BEAUMONT TX. Beaumont Camp is one of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) facilities. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP or FBOP) is a United States federal law enforcement agency. A subdivision of the U. S. Department of Justice, the BOP is responsible for Texas Inmate Search. Childress County Jail (Childress) Clay County Jail (Henrietta) Clemens Unit (Brazoria) Clements Unit (Amarillo) Cleveland (Cleveland) Cochran County Jail (Morton) Coffield Unit (Tennessee Colony) Cole State Jail (Bonham) Coleman County Jail (Coleman) Collin County A federal prison in Beaumont that decided Thursday not to evacuate inmates despite a precarious drinking water situation has come under criticism from the men being held inside. FCI Beaumont, a USP Beaumont Satellite Prison Camp. Federal Bureau of Prisons. Jefferson County Federal Prison Texas. USP Beaumont Satellite Prison Camp is located in the city of Beaumont, Texas which has a population of 118, 296 (as of 2016) residents. This prison has a capacity of 603 inmates, which means this is the maximum amount of beds per facility.