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1. Compound 480 square feet straw bale house plan. The basic idea behind the design of this floor plan is to construct numerous, small, free standing units to form a larger compound. These units should be raised one at a time as per the building code requirements. To displace 79 and 142 square feet on the inside and outside respectively, the units must measure, 7. 5 by 10. 5 inches and 10. 5 by 13. 5 inches.The Cost of Straw Bale Construction. When people talk about the cost of straw bale construction, they often get things a bit muddled up. On one side of the equation, there are those who say a straw bale house only costs nine cents to build and can be heated with a candle and some flatulence (caution: do not mix the two! ). straw bale construction cost per square foot

One thing that we might want to add to straw bale construction would be some modern air barrier materials like DuPont Tyvek House Wrap. A 3 X 100 roll runs about 35. 00 the last time I checked and it will help create a much tighter structure than typical waddle and daub style construction.

Rumors of strawbale houses built for 40 or 60 per square foot are exciting but usually misleading. A typical straw bale home, built by a contractor, will cost about 1012 more than a conventional home of the same square footage. Keep in mind that if you compare a straw bale home with a conventional home built the same Rvalue as a straw bale, the straw bale home will actually be less expensive by about 15 or more.straw bale construction cost per square foot Strawbale construction is a building method that commonly uses straw from wheat, rice, rye and oats, as building insulation. The straw is the stalk of the grain without the grain head. Strawbale construction has many advantages, including the carbon sequestration of the material, low cost, availability, fireresistance, and insulation values.

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Fact: Straw bale homes cost the same per square foot as any other low, mid, or high end home depending upon architectural style, labor costs, and finish materials. straw bale construction cost per square foot If this home had been built 100 by a contractor without homeowner involvement, the costs would be substantially higher. This green and energyefficient straw bale hybrid home was built to code. Although there are claims that straw bale homes have been built for 5. 00 per square foot, Aug 19, 2006  Use a high quality seed and plenty of it, and cover your cost there and skip the straw, it's all the same in the end with less bs. As for how much seed? 100 pounds acre is light, 200 pounds acre is heavy. An acre is 43, 560 square feet, so 25 pounds per 14 acre is light, 50 pounds per quarter Our crew can install a 3 coat stucco system on your own straw bale andor any type of wall system for you. The price will range from 5 10 per sq. ft. of wall surface. The actual price depends on the height of the building and the time of year. At a total cost of 31, 000, these systems make the total cost of our new straw bale home here 73 per square foot BUT give us almost complete independence from conventional utilities and their monthly bills (except telephone).