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Sep 10, 2012  You could still hear the roars for the athletes pictured on screen and the everthanked volunteers further down the Mall and in Trafalgar Square. London Mayor Boris Johnson brought the speechJul 27, 2011  London 2012 Olympics: Mayor Johnsons rousing speech in Trafalgar Square the perfect finale to a day of excitement So soaring was the rhetoric, even Trafalgar Square boris johnson olympic parade speech trafalgar square

The Our Greatest Team Parade was a victory parade to celebrate the achievements of British athletes who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer The parade was organised by Mayor of London Boris Johnson in association with the British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic As the parade passed Trafalgar Square,

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (born 19 June 1964), better known as Boris Johnson, Johnson giving a victory speech in City Hall after being elected Mayor of London. offices at City Hall, Johnson's first official engagement was an appearance at the Sikh celebrations for Vaisakhi in Trafalgar Square. Subscribe to Daily and Sunday Mirror newspapers but helped to create one as well : Boris steals show with Olympic parade speech video Mr Johnson, whose speech followed those of the Primeboris johnson olympic parade speech trafalgar square London 2012 parade: one last hurrah for Olympic and Paralympic stars Athletes revel in twomile celebratory trip through London as Boris Johnson tells them: 'You brought this country together

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Sep 10, 2012 Floats carrying British Olympic and Paralympic athletes take part in a parade as seen from the air as they pass Trafalgar Square, London Winners: Edward and Jonathan Brownlee. boris johnson olympic parade speech trafalgar square The City of London wanted a grand gathering to welcome back Team Great Britain and Paralympics Great Britain from Beijing. We conceived an embracing homecoming parade through London, culminating in a staged celebratory event in Trafalgar Square. Sep 10, 2012 Mayor of London Boris Johnson's Speech Our Greatest Team: Athletes' Parade Live BBC One Boris Johnson explains how to speak Mr. Bean Live Performance at the London 2012 Olympic Games Boris Johnson stole the show from David Cameron with a barnstorming speech at Mondays parade celebrating the sporting achievements of Britains Olympians and Paralympians, the FT reports. The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has confirmed more details of the African festival he is bringing to Trafalgar Square. Mayor announces African festival in Trafalgar Square. 20 August 2015. Lebara and Air France to sponsor Africa on the Square.