Double square border

2020-01-22 17:27

How to make a clean border in crochet. Note that when placing your border stitches (going up the SIDE of the stitch instead of the top or bottom of the stitch) a single crochet gets one stitch, a double crochet gets two stitches and a triple crochet gets three. And youll want to stay as consistent as possible when placing those stitches.Borders& Frames; Double Square Border; Double Square Border. Customize the size and color of this double square frame border. This is ideal for a tile, or to put another decal inside of the frame. double square border

Feb 23, 2017 This border has 3 rounds but isn't limited to 3 rounds. Once you get the first round done, you can go around as many times as you need to to make the border as thick as you need it to. It's pretty

Double Square Border Framed Print. Size: 8 x 10 Remember a special moment in your life with our double square border framed print. Your memory fills the background, with a white, double interior frame placed in the center. Double crochet once around the post of a single crochet stitch, twice around the post of a double crochet stitch and three times around the post of a triple crochet stitch. Insert an extra stitch in the first post and the last post on this side to help your border turn each corner and lie flat. Doublecrochet twice in the first stitch on the bottom.double square border The first box is rounded, but the ouline stays square, the second box has no rounded corners but shows the borders how I want them. I know there is a mozoutlineradius property,

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