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2019-12-07 14:23

Campaign Against Arms Trade protest against UK Govt arms sell to Saudi, London, UKVegan protestors have taken over Trafalgar Square, covering themselves in fake blood and protesting about the ongoing speciesism facing animals. Speciesism is defined as an ideology that considers the lives and interests of animals as not worthy of respect simply because they belong to another species. vegan protest trafalgar square

Vegan activists have staged a grislylooking protest involving members of the antimeat group smothering themselves in fake blood in Londons Trafalgar Square. Supporters of Direction Action Everywhere turned out in central London to urge people to give up the consumption of animals.

Vegan activists cover themselves in fake blood to stage Trafalgar Square 'human meat' protest. The group said the bizarre demonstration was in protest of speciesism, a term it said stands for prejudice against animals. Protesters laid down next to signs reading slogans such as its not food, its violence and price labels with a Use By date and the price of life itself. It was to protest against 'speciesism Bikiniclad vegan protesters have staged a bloody demonstration in support of their cause by lying down in Trafalgar Square pretending to be packaged meat. The women drew crowds at the weekend when they stripped down and covered themselves in fake blood in a protest against speciesism which they say isvegan protest trafalgar square Apr 20, 2016 Awakening Compassion Demonstration: Myself and around 50 other vegan activists attended an animal rights demonstration that was organised by We Are The Numbers. The main purpose this protest was

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Vegan campaigners protest in Trafalgar square against the fur industry, London Credit: Alan D WestAlamy Live News. London, UK. 18th Jan 2019. Vegan activists protest Red Tractors practices in London Credit: George Cracknell WrightAlamy Live News. vegan protest trafalgar square Aug 28, 2017 Vegan activists held a protest in Trafalgar Square, London, against the human consumption of meat, on Saturday. In the protest, some members of antimeat groups were seen lying down covered in fake blood and plastic wrap to resemble meat sold in supermarkets. Vegan protest at Trafalgar Square, London, Oct 2016 Image @LeonBoothman The scourge of the veganazi To commit to a lifestyle that abstains from the exploitation of animals is a truly noble choice to make and we should all be very thankful that there are people out Aug 26, 2017  Bikiniclad vegan protesters cover themselves in fake blood before lying on the ground pretending to be packaged meat in bizarre protest in London's Trafalgar Square