Make a square circle skirt

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Oct 29, 2015 Support me on Patreon! I also now have merch: Previous episode: htHow to Make a Circle Skirt. Made from a full circle of fabric and a waistband, circle skirts are fun and flattering and can be made to look modern or with vintage flair. Follow these steps to learn to easily draft and sew a perfectly tailored circle skirt. make a square circle skirt

The square circle skirt is quite popular. The tutorial for it is all over the sewing crafting websites. But I couldn't find any tutorial for it in instructables, so I thought of taking the opportunity! I never thought that sewing skirt could be sooo easy and fun! I'm a beginner in sewing but still I find this skirt

How can the answer be improved? Nov 05, 2012  So, it was Chloes turn for a new skirt. And yup, doubling it up turned out adorable. So instead of the one square with a circle cut out in the middle, I cut out two that were exactly the same size. And then placed the 2nd one on top, turning it just an 18 of a turn.make a square circle skirt Square Skirt Tutorial. Add the radius plus the length of the skirt. Double that number to get the size of square you will need. This is how I made the skirt: I cut the two bottom layers the same size, 25 x 25 inches. The top layer I wanted to be a little shorter, so I cut it 23 x 23 inches.

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Make a square circle skirt free

If you have very wide fabric, you may get the circle from just one length. I purchased 80 cm of 112cm wide fabric to make a 30cm length skirt; 1 inch wide elastic for waistband; Cotton; Pins; Tailor's chalk; String or wool (short length); Measuring tape; make a square circle skirt Make a Circle Skirt Pattern If you spread a circle skirt on a floor, it should make a perfect circle hence the name, circle skirt. A 2panel circle skirt is made of 2 halfcircle panels. Square Print Fabric. Striped Fabric. Tie Dye Print Fabric. Toile Fabric. Zig Zag Print Fabric Circle Skirt Calculator Mood Fabrics; Circle Skirt Calculator or visit this tutorial to see how you can make a circle skirt with multiple panels! Oh no! Unfortunately, the skirt you're currently designing will not fit onto the standard 45 or Sep 20, 2012 First of all, making a circle skirt is how they used to make poodle skirts. The idea is that you cut out a huge circle and then cut out a hole for the middle where your waist will go. Then, you add a waistband of some kind. The idea is, that when you put it on and let the skirt hang at your waist from Measure the length of the skirt (from waist down to where you want the skirt to fall) and add 2 seam allowance. Grab a piece of big paper (I used wrapping paper), and draw your inner circle as a quarter circle, away from the corner of your paper. Now do the same for the length. This will be your outer circle.