Antonov an-124 gracious landing toronto

2020-02-24 21:59

Antonov Airlines Antonov An Landing RWY 05 @ Toronto Pearson Int'l January 15, 2016IN THIS VIDEO: Hello everyone! Welcome to another rare catch! And just so it happens to be, we are starting the year off with a rare. The first Antonov for the year.Mar 08, 2015 RARE: Antonov Airlines An124 Ruslan [UR Gracious landing in Toronto on RWY 23 Aircraft: Antonov An M150 Registration: UR antonov an-124 gracious landing toronto

Antonov An Ruslan There are 5, 083 photos of Version Antonov An Ruslan for Aircraft Generic Type Antonov An124 Ruslan in the Airliners. net database.

The Antonov An124 Ruslan (Ukrainian: 124 ) (NATO reporting name: Condor) is a strategic airlift quadjet. It was designed in the 1980s by the Antonov design bureau in the Ukrainian SSR, then part of the Soviet Union (USSR). Antonov Airlines Antonov An M150 Landing RWY 23 @ Toronto Pearson Int'l May 14, 2018Hello everyone! Welcome to this video! Well, another Antonov! It has been a while since Toronto has gotten two Antonov An124's in less than five days time but it surely happened this year!antonov an-124 gracious landing toronto

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