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Texas rich cultural diversity is reflected nowhere better than in the names of places. Standard pronunciation is used in many cases, but purely colloquial pronunciation often is used, too. In the late 1940s, George Mitchel Stokes, a graduate student at Baylor University, developed a list of pronunciations of 2, 300 place names across the state.Feb 03, 2011 Wisconsin city and town names can be a challenge to pronounce even for those living in the state. But, for Texans? Forget it. Video by Mike De Sisti. hard to pronounce texas city names

The Most DifficulttoPronounce Town in Every Single State There are so many hardtopronounce placenames in Heres another town that shares a name with a foreign city, which only makes

Outofstaters might as well be looking at a foreign language when they try to say these 11 town names in Texas that get mispronounced more than any others. 11 Unique Texas Names And Places That People ALWAYS Pronounce Wrong There are definitely a lot more, but these 11 city and town names in Texas get mispronounced more than any others Jun 29, 2015 We asked six unsustecting Californians to take a stab at pronouncing some of Wisconsin's moreahemunusual place names. Well, they tried their best. Then againhard to pronounce texas city names Wisconsin has its share of difficult city names. Check out some of the more difficult to pronounce cities in the Badger State

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Most mispronounced Texas city names. Do you correctly pronounce the names of Texas towns? Scroll through for the correct pronounciation and meaning of commonly garbled Texas towns. hard to pronounce texas city names 14 Texas Cities and Words Everyone Says Wrong. Ok, I understand that this word might look a little confusing to the average person, but its really not that hard. I continue to hear folks (who are probably newcomers) butcher this name. youll get different answers about how to pronounce this Texas citys name. Either way you say However, it will be cool to learn how to say the city names just like a local. VroomVroomVroom has listed 25 hard to pronounce cities in the USA and their correct pronunciation. We hope you will find this very useful during your next trip to the United States. Feb 05, 2016 Why Wisconsin places have such hard names. From Oconomowoc to Waukesha, Wisconsin place names a challenge and we like it that way. Texans trying to pronounce WI city names Wisconsin place