Times square israelites

2019-12-08 03:39

Feel the energy and excitement when lovers of Israel took over Times Square in celebration of the Jewish state! Seventy years ago, the United Nations voted in favor of the establishment of a Jewish state in the Land of Israel.Times Square rocked with thousands of partygoers on Sunday evening, as New Yorkers, Israelis, and tourists from around the world came together to celebrate Israels 70th anniversary. Headed by Israels Ministry of Culture and Sport, and the Consulate General of Israel in New York, the enormous block party began at 8: 00 pm with a countdown in the timeless style of New Years Eve parties in the square. times square israelites

Times Square is a well known location in New York City. And seeing famous Jewish singer Yaakov Shwekey sing there is amazing! After singing Am Yisrael Chai, or The Nation of Israel lives, Shwekey sang a few of his songs. He ended off with the song

Dec 14, 1998 Since the city has no right to choose which messages are fit to be heard, it's unfair to single out the Black Israelites for banishment as long as others are allowed to preach in Times Square. Apr 11, 2018 A. O. C. Israelites General HaShar In Hurricane Mode In Times Square (Halloween 2017) Duration A. O. C. Israelites Ahban Ahrayah& HaShar vs The 44th Street Clowns Joker& Harley Quinntimes square israelites

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