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2020-01-18 03:20

The problem was the BT threat of restricting use of the phone, and chasing a bill 9 days after production. I was in my mother's house when the bill landed on her doorstep on Dec 30th 3 days after they started chasing it, citing her having been given extra time for payment.Pay by cash. You can use a BT payment card to pay your bill at any PayPoint outlet displaying the yellow PayPoint sign. You'll find them in supermarkets, newsagents, local shops and petrol stations. Take your bill and barcoded payment slip with you to the PayPoint. Please keep your receipts. You can get a payment card by phoning us on 0800 800 bt bill payment 3 carliol square

View previous bills and payment history. With My BT its very easy to view bills from the last two years as well as when your bill is due log into My BT and click Manage Bill Settings. 3:

Re: How can I pay my BT Premium email bill Go to solution You could try contacting this BT number 0808 100 6778 which is the number to set up BT Premium email so they may be able to help. May 04, 2013  What is this paid for CARD PAYMENT TO BT BILL PAYMENT 3, 1. 60 GBP, RATE 1. 00GBP ON? BT bill payment is the company, the bill was paid on April 29th sounds like a phone company? Source(s): Reena 6 years agobt bill payment 3 carliol square Information to help you manage your accounts online, pay your bills, and get a better understanding of your bill

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Contact sales Track an order Billing& payments Support Moving premises Close an account Tools Track an order Report or track a fault Service status bt bill payment 3 carliol square BT Small and medium business. You can find your account number on your bill. It looks like AA. Check out Bt on View. For reviews, bookings, offers and to see whats on. Find information and enquire about your current BT Bill.